Tasks carried out on domestic roofing are wide and varied. Listed below are some of the many roofing tasks that Ernie Mew & Sons Ltd carry out on a day to day basis but the list is far from endless.

Many tasks start out as a leaking roof and some reveal extensive damage whereas many are just a few tiles to be replaced. Whatever the roofing task Ernie Mew & Sons Limited will offer sound advice and also put forward options on how best to approach the task in the form of the selection of materials, durability and reliability.

Roofing Tasks

  • Replace Roof Tiles or Slates
  • Remove and Replace Roof (Re-Use Good Tiles)
  • Fit New Roof (New Roof Tiles or Slates)
  • Replace Felt Roof
  • Repair Holes in Felt
  • Repair or Replace Fibreglass Roof
  • Replace Ridge Tiles
  • Remove and Re-bed Ridge Tiles
  • Refit Loose Flashing
  • Replace Damaged Lead Flashing
  • Repoint Chimney
  • Replace Chimney Flashing
  • Chimney Repair
  • New Gutters & Drainpipes
  • Repair Guttering


For more information about our roofing services please see our “Roof Services” page.

It is always useful and informative to visit the Government’s excellent Planning Permissions website here.

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