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Flashing materials can be found in many external areas of a house such as roofs, chimneys and porches. Any structure or protrusion that rises through or joins to the roof will have a flashing. Chimney, dormer window, skylight, vents and roof valleys will all have a flashing where they join, or disappear through, the roof.

Roof flashing is fitted primarily to maintain the watertight integrity of the roof. Without flashing fitted rain water would run down the chimney or the higher area of roof tiles and just disappear into the house interior, where the chimney rises through the roof. Similarly, on a house with a pitched roof that might contain a dormer window, where the two roofs join on both sides are called the valleys. Without a flashing built into these valleys, rain water running down both roofs would pour through into the house. The flashing ensures the joints remain watertight.

Leadwork Flashing Tasks

  • Damaged Lead Gulley
  • Repair Leaking Flashing
  • Repair Flashing Connecting Flat Roof
  • Dormer Window Flashing
  • Repoint Chimney Lead Flashing
  • Repair Lead Gulleys
  • Frost and Snow Damaged Flashing Repairs
  • Replace Old Flashing
  • Repair Damaged Lead Flashing
  • Seal Lead Flashing To Wall


For more information and examples of leadwork please see our “About Leadwork” page.

It is always useful and informative to visit the Government’s excellent Planning Permissions website here.

Leaking Leadwork Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced