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If taken care of roofs will last for many years without the need for replacement but there comes a time when it may be neccessary due to the actual age of the house.

Deterioration of roof battens, broken tiles or slates, rotten barge boards and degraded roof linings are the most common reason for rooof repairs.

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Roof Leadwork

Lead is used extensively on roofs due mainly to its durability. We are skilled in its use and fitting requirements and whether your requirements are for a modern lead aspect or repairing an existing grade listed building, Ernie Mew & Sons Ltd has the expertise you require.

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  • New Roofs: We will fit a new roof to new house builds to the specification detailed or discuss the options available in roof tile types, including advantages and disadvantages, as well. We can carry out a full range of roof replacement using existing tiles or new tiles and slates. Sometimes it is more economical to remove the old roof tiles and felt covering so as to allow the roof shell to be updated with a new weather proof lining and battens, before fitting the best of the old tiles and replacing any damaged roof tiles with identical type.

  • Retiled - Repair Roofs: Most of our work consists of wear and tear and assessing storm damage to roofing and providing a quick and efficient repair service in line with the customer's requirements. The cost and amount of roof repair is significantly affected by the age of the house and sometimes it is more economical to remove the whole roof and re-line and batten using most of the original, reusable, tiles. All aspects of cost are discussed with the customer with their affordability aspects in mind.

  • Flat Roofing: Flat roofs have a short life expectancy compared to tiled roofs. However, modern materials are fast improving the longevity of flat roofs and the type and cost will be discussed with the customer as part of the assessment. Unlike tiled roofing, flat roofs often reveal additional problems once the roof has been stripped down in preparation for the work therefore, we will discuss at every stage the requirements and keep the customer fully informed of the work. We can renew or replace flat roofs using various roofing systems and we commonly use single ply liquid 3 layer felt or fibre glass. Contact us for more details.

  • Chimney Repairs: Chimneys are often a cause of leaking roofs as the lead flashing becomes weather worn with time or the brickwork, which is in the most exposed area of any house at the top of the roof, breaks down and becomes porous or the pointing deteriorates over time and starts to leak. We can carry out a full and comprehensive chimney works from repointing through to rebuilding. Contact us for more details.

  • Guttering: Gutters can be repaired or replaced with original style guttering or with more modern types depending on the client's choice. Gutter colours are also an option for choice..

  • Soffits - Fascia - Barge Boards: All soffits, fascia and barge boards can be replaced in part with similar materials or replaced in full. More modern plastic materials can also be considered as more durable product in preference to wood barge boards and fascia.

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