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Chimney Repairs

Soffits and fascias replaced
Soffits and fascias replaced

Gutters replaced
Gutters replaced

Grade listed building with gutters replaced
Grade listed building with gutters replaced

Hunting lodge conversion with soffits and guttering replaced
House conversion with soffits and guttering replaced

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Gutters | Fascia | Soffits

Modern synthetic materials for gutters, soffits, fascias and in particular, cladding, makes for a more lasting and decorative finish as well as being cheaper than the wooden versions. It is a matter of choice but uPVC has revolutionised the build trade in this area over the past 20 years. Replacing wooden soffits, bargeboards and fascias with white or brown plastic uPVC systems avoids the need for regular painting and maintenance as well as being more durable and rot free.

Ernie Mew & Sons Ltd offers everything you need for fascias, soffits, barge boards, guttering and cladding installation is fast and efficient ensuring years of trouble free roofline weather proofing.

Gutters, Cladding, Soffits & Fascia:

  • Gutters
  • Metal Guttering
  • Plastic uPVC Fascia
  • Vented Soffits
  • Plastic uPVC Trims
  • Wood or uPVC Fascia
  • Replacement Soffits
  • New Bargeboards Fitted
  • General Roof Maintenance
  • Plastic uPVC Cladding
  • Shiplap or Grooved Cladding

It is always useful and informative to visit the Government's excellent Planning Permissions website here.


We Install Gutters, Soffits, Cladding & Fascia In Houses & Commercial Buildings