Renewing Your Roof
If taken care of roofs will last for many years without the need for replacement but there comes a time when it may be neccessary due to the actual age of the house.

Deterioration of roof battens, broken tiles or slates, rotten barge boards and degraded roof linings are the most common reason for rooof repairs.

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Heritage Trust & Grade Listed Buildings

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Description Of Grade Listed Building Tasks

Renovating or changing grade listed buildings requires specialist knowledge and experience. Working closely with the architect and Heritage Trust we have successfully undertaken many building alterations and renovations to grade listed buildings from minor changes to roofing repairs to whole house renovations and roof removal and replacement.

Strip off main roof and all roof tile hangings

Old chimney removed and re built in second hand bricks appropriate to the period
Counterbatten external walls insulate, batten and tile with new clay tiles
Take down old chimney and re build in second hand bricks
Strip off church roof, couterbatten roof felt

Church roof replaced using same tiles and sourcing second hand materials as necessary

Batten and retile with secondhand peg tiles
Church roof replaced


Replace Roofs To Grade Listing Buildings