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Chimney Repairs

Chimney  Repairs Chimney dismantled
Chimney replaced And rebuilt
Chimney rebuild

Chimney rebuild
Grade listed building with chimney replaced Grade listed building with chimney rebuild in original style
Ornate chimney topping Replaced chimney built to owners specific design

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Chimney Repairs | Pointing | Rebuilds

The most exposed brickwork on a house is the chimney therefore it often requires far more attention than most other external brickwork areas. As it is also in an area that cannot be easily seen or reached by the householder close inspection is vital in order to determine whether there is damage or leakage at the point where the brick meets the roof tiles.

Quite often the first sign that there is a problem is when damp or water ingress is seen in the loft or upper floor of the house or building. Early intervention is vital in order to prevent further water damage from damp and moisture. More often than not the repairs consist of replacing the lead flashing or re-pointing the chimney. In extreme instances the chimney may have to be removed down to a sound area of brick and then rebuilt.

In many older properties the brickwork on the chimney becomes porous and moisture begins to build up in the brick and they start to crumble. In less extreme case re-pointing and then applying a seal to the brick will maintain watertight integrity of the chimney.

The list below shows the tasks that we undertake on chimney projects.

Chimney Projects:

  • Repair Chimney Brickwork
  • Applying Seal To The Outer Walls Of The Chimney
  • Repair The Lead Flashing Around The Base Of The Chimney
  • Replace The Lead Flashing
  • Re-Point The Chimney
  • Rebuild The Chimney

It is always useful and informative to visit the Government's excellent Planning Permissions website here.


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